ofSoundPlayer .getPosition(); not working

Hi All,
Hope you had a great holiday!
I got myself a Galaxy SII to play with and can’t get .getPosition(); to return anything on the sound player.

Trying to get the progress of the played sample ( 0 - 1) but it’s always returning zero.

I noticed that the example soundPlayer returns 0 on the “pct done” caption also. Anyone experiencing this?


Update: It actually works fine on relaunch, just never on first execution…
It is a little laggy however so I’ll attempt to pipe wav files through soundStream on a lower level.

not streaming soundplayers won’t return position, you can set it to stream by passing an extra argument when loading like:


there is a bug in the sound player that changes it to streaming when the application reloads, that’s why it was working for you after reload