ofSoundPlayer: Could not load sound file

Hi there,

I posted this in another thread as it cropped up but it’s still proving very problematic - I’ve searched around and can’t seem to find anyone who’s had a similar problem. I have a lot of stuff happening in the app (6/7 particle systems representing some fish / bubbles / jellyfish etc) but I’m getting this error in the console:

ofSoundPlayer: Could not load sound file ../../../data/sonar.wav  

No idea why. Do I have ‘x’ amount of memory and I’m using it all up with my particles? Do I need to look into threading? I think I’d be more comfortable if the sounds were loading and then something was going wrong but the fact that they’re not even loading in worries me. Any pointers would be much appreciated…

Also I’m working on a 2Ghz inteliMac w/ 4gb of RAM in Xcode 3.1.1



I got it fixed in the end. I went back to an earlier version and worked through adding all my extra bits and bats. It works anyway which is the main thing!