ofSoundPlayer buffers error - Multiple Instances on Raspberry PI

I am making a game running on RPi, A space invaders type like, played on 16x8 grid. Each invader is made of multiplay ofSoundPlayers for ex. 3x3 sequencer. It plays sounds in a loop based on sequence. After couple killed invaders I am getting " [ofOpenALSoundPlayer:error] error 40965 creating stereo buffers for /home/pi/openFrameworks/apps/ .wav " And finally " [error] ofOpenALSoundPlayer: error creating multiplay stereo sources ". I guess that it’s could be related to soundcard memory. I tried to unload files, call ofSoundShutdown after each destroyed invader. On Desktop it works like a charm no problems at all. Have you maybe experienced anything like that? If it is because of lack memory on RPi sound card, maybe I should use external one? Or is there a way to clear audio buffers?

Are you on the latest kernel for your RPI? There has been quite some improvements for the Alsa driver.


I’m guessing you’re on Raspbian btw…

Using latest kernel (3.12.31+), getting the same error. I’m loading and unloading ofOpenALSoundPlayer instances, calling unloadPlayer() before clearing memory at one point it just fails.

[notice ] SoundServer: Attempt to load path: /home/pi/openFrameworks/apps/myApps/process/bin/data/sound/samples-from-max/4-ch-part1-sound3_cut.wav
[notice ] SoundServer: Loading provided path
[ error ] ofOpenALSoundPlayer: loadSound(): couldn't create stereo buffers for "/home/pi/openFrameworks/apps/myApps/process/bin/data/sound/samples-from-max/4-ch-part1-sound3_cut.wav": 40961 AL_INVALID_NAME