ofSoundPlayer and OpenAL please help!

I would like to use the OpenAL version of ofSoundPlayer.
I tried a few days on my mac without results, trying everything I could imagine.

I found kiss and libsndfile elsewhere (why are they not part of the openframeworks libraries ?) and add also the OpenAL framework. I get linker or runtime errors.
Maybe I forgot something …

I’m interested to use it on the Mac and Windows platform (not interested in iPhone).

I want to replace the code I made with FMOD based versions because I want to sell some applications to a few number of clients for more than 12€, without giving 3000€ to the FMOD company!

Please can somebody tell my the right way to make it work on Mac and Windows (eventually Ubuntu too), of course with recent versions of OF.

As you probably know Linux OF has an OpenAL player out of the box.

It shouldn’t be too hard to get OpenAL running on either win32 or OSX, but can’t suggest anything unless you provide specific issues.

If you just want a soundplayer, there’s some code here I wrote that uses ofSoundStream and is pretty portable I think:


for osx you can try ofxOpenALSoundPlayer ( and SoundEngine ) from here: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/tree/develop/addons/ofxiPhone/src/sound

I think the only thing you’ll need to do is add the OpenAL Framework ( and maybe AudioToolbox framework too ) to your project.

Note: ofxOpenALSoundPlayer can only play .caf files.
you can turn any sound file into .caf with this command: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/254080/converting-audio-to-caf-format-for-playback-on-iphone-using-openal

If you don’t care about targeting pre 10.8 users - this sound player is much more robust and can also be used on ios and os x starting in 10.8:

And to add to the list (quite old now but I’m sure the core code is probably quite ok), my ofxSoundPlayer:

thank you to both of you, I will try them