ofSoundGetSpectrum of ofSoundPlayer on iOS


I came across the issue, that ofSoundGetSpectrum() is not implemented on mobile platforms. Does anybody know some workaround to fetch the audio sample of an audio file being played with an ofSoundPlayer on iOS before it’s being output through the speakers?
I am working on an audio visualization app that needs the clean audio output in order to do more sophisticated analysis. Though at the moment I am playing the audio file through the speakers and fetch them via audioIn() and doing the analysis on that data. Though this is very noisy and problematic…

I would be very thankful for any hint :slight_smile:


Just solving this one once and for all. ofxMaxim has some functionality that does exactly this: https://github.com/micknoise/Maximilian/blob/master/maximilian_examples/12.SamplePlayer.cpp