Ofsignalhandler: Abort trap: 6

Hi everyone

I have an app that is compiled and running really nicely on my mac, on macOS Big Sur, 11.4, but when someone else on Monterey tries to run it, they it loads, but later calls a crash, Ofsignalhandler: Abort trap: 6

I’m guessing this is just a fairly general issue? Or, can anyone give me any tips as to how to debug it?


it could be any of these

Telling where such happens can be kinda hard without a debugger
Try installing xcode on the monterrey machine, import your project and compile and run from there. Once the crash happens xcode will most probably to the section of code that created the crash

Hey thanks for the reply!

Yeah that is what I feared. From the apple crash report it’s happening in a thread too, just to help matters :crazy_face:

I don’t currently have access to a machine with Monterey but I’ve dug up an old mbp of mine and am currently upgrading it, with exactly that plan in mind. Only another four hours of downloading to go…… ooof