ofShader texture wrapping?


Any idea on how to change texture wrapping mode inside ofShader? I am struggling to find any info online… I have had a look at a bunch of different threads on the forum but nothing has worked so far. I have read that the wrapping mode has to be set outside of the actual glsl files, but that’s all I’ve been able to find out.

(ive tried, to no avail:


any suggestions appreciated!


I might be wrong about this but I believe if you are using shaders you have to do the math for these things yourself.

Assuming st is your texture coordinate in the frag shader and tex_w is your texture width ( either in pixels for ofEnableArbTex() or 0-1 if ofDisableArbTex() ) then:

GL_REPEAT would be:

st.x = mod(st.x, tex_w); 
st.y = mod(st.y, tex_h); 

Clamp to Edge would be:

st.x = clamp(st.x, 0, tex_w); 
st.y = clamp(st.y, 0, tex_h); 

Hi Theo, thanks so much for your reply - that worked beautifully. Gotta love GLSL!

I think you need to set it on the texture you are processing in the shader with setTextureWrap() - ofTexture | openFrameworks

if you are using a subclass off ofBaseHasTexture (ofFbo, ofImage) there is a .getTexture() that exposes this.