ofShader on ofAppNoWindow - Raspberry Pi Buster Lite

I’m running OpenFrameworks on a Raspberry Pi 4 with ofAppNoWindow (Running Buster lite) and notice that fading in the ± 50k pixels of my LED matrix is ripping it all apart :wink: After the initial fade-in setup the code runs smoothly as it doesn’t need to fade in that many at a time. Now I was thinking, maybe I can do these fading-operations in a shader, though I don’t actually need the visuals, would just be nice to do the computation on the GPU over some textures.

So the real question;
Is it possible to run OpenFrameworks with ofAppNoWindow on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with Buster Lite as OS, and still use shaders?

Maybe someone has tried something similar before, or can point me based on the explanation. Cheers!