ofShader given GLSL variables

Hi all,
I believe I know some uniform and in variables are passed by default for vertex and fragment shader

 uniform    mat4 modelViewProjectionMatrix; 
in    vec4 position; 

Where can I find the exhaustive list ?

right now only in the default shaders in ofGLPrgrammableRenderer or in the shader example. take into account that this is only when you are using the programmable renderer. here’s the full list:


    uniform mat4 modelViewMatrix;
    uniform mat4 projectionMatrix;
    uniform mat4 textureMatrix;
    uniform mat4 modelViewProjectionMatrix;
    uniform float usingTexture;
    uniform float usingColors;
    uniform vec4 globalColor;
    uniform sampler2D src_tex_unit0;
    uniform float usingTexture;


    in vec4 position;
    in vec4 color;
    in vec4 normal;
    in vec2 texcoord;

thanx a lot !