ofShader examples crashing

Hello OF. I’m trying to run the ofShader example and it crashes on me before it displays anything. I can compile it fine, but it won’t run on the machine (Macbook Pro, 2ghz, RadeonX1600 256). I can run shaders fine in other applications like Jitter, and in Apple’s Dev tools, but not so much with OF. I tried compiling a different shader example from the forums, ad that compiles fine, but also won’t run.

Any ideas why this might be happening? I haven’t yet mastered the art of deciphering crash reports :wink:

do you have the shader in the right place (in the data folder) ?

can you upload a zip of the crashing project, happy to take a look…

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Yeah, everything seems to be in the right place, I haven’t shifted much since installation.

you can find the data & src folders here : http://droolcup.com/OF/ofShady.zip

Thanks for looking into this!

edit:fixed url

are you using this version of the shader addon?

(since your zip doesn’t include the shader, just want to make sure we are working from the same version)


yeap, that’s the same one I have. (sorry for not mentioning the version)

can you try:

and change “setUniformVariable” to “setUniform” and give it a try…
for me it works fine…


Thanks! It seems to have done the trick.

What was the issue?

I don’t know actually - artem was working on that addon (hacking code I uploaded to openframeworks.cc/files). I will take a look at it today, but if you put print outs through the loading process my suspicion is that in the one that doesn’t work it’s not loading properly. glad it’s working for you now!

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ouch, sorry bout that. i guess i got my openGL commands in a bunch. i’ll go ahead and change that…

hey guys,

sorry I am following little late on this thread. I found the ofshader addon and made the example run fine. Although it looks like it’s compiling okay, and I can see the three different colors for each shapes, when I try to use “brick” as my shader all I get is black colored objects.

Is this how it’s supposed to behave? I am guessing not and I would appreciate any directions regarding this. I am on mac.