ofSetSmoothLighting() has no effect on higher version of openGL

I just figured out ofSetSmoothLighting() has no effect on higher versions of openGL.
I tested on 3.3 and 4.1 and both had no effect when enabling and disabling the smoothing.
It seems lighting is always smoothed regardless of the setting.
It works well on the default 2.1 version though.
Maybe it is a known issue already?

the most common method to do this in opengl 3+ is by setting the same normal in each vertex of the same face which requires replicating the vertices most of the times, you can set an attribute to be flat in the shaders which we could use in the shader to simulate this but i’m not sure that it would work exactly the same.

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Thank you. I think I would only need to use smoothed lighting anyway :slight_smile: