ofSetFullscreen() not working on Linux


I’ve noticed since 009 that ofSetFullScreen() doesn’t work on Linux; I’m on Ubuntu. Although in my testing I’ve found that it works on the Pi (tested with 0.9.0).

Just wanted to report this, thanks.

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A development.

I changed ofSetupOpenGL() in main.cpp from OF_WINDOW to OF_FULLSCREEN and it worked (although I wanted the window title to be hidden), but the interesting thing is that my mouse lags while in full screen mode.

Thought this additional information might help developers.

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I have notice the same problem on ubuntu gnome 15.10. but for now it’s not a clue. I just want to warn this. But openframeworks still rocks :smiley::yum::wink:

an issue was recently solved. Will be in oF0.9.3 should be in the nightly right now


Thanks for this!

Great Guys!!! Thank you!!!

Thank you @Gallo
Just for Linux users (or maybe just ubuntu one’s, don’t know :slightly_smiling: ), in OF_GAME_MODE in main.cpp it works for now :

ofSetupOpenGL(/**or whatever you want for Y resolution**/ 1280, /**or whatever you want for X resolution**/720, OF_GAME_MODE); // <-------- setup the GL context
And then look in the sky opeFrameworks rocks :smile::smiley:
And again, thank you all, "the team "(don’t knox really who to thanks :wink: ).

bizzzz as we say in France :kissing_heart:.

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I just filed the bug report, oF team solved it :wink:

Bonne soirée à tous as we say in french

Thank you @gallo.
Are you portugese ???

Nope, French… with Italian origins

Fun : LOL