ofSetFrameRate and ofSetVertical sync best practices

Hi All,

I am building an app for windows and wondering what the best practices are for setting up frame rate and vertical sync. I would like to have to app run at 60, but the frame rate still seems to fluctuate. I have also noticed some vertical tearing.

What are others using for their windows apps? What if anything should I be setting on the video card drivers?



Some things that may be relevant:

  • Vertical sync may be overriden by you graphics card settings.
  • Using vertical sync can affect the (maximum) frameRate.
  • If you experience irregularities, try updating your graphics card drivers.

There are discussion on the internet about either/or. If you want to prevent tearing, you can use vsync. If you use vsync, the program’s framerate syncs to the monitor refresh rate, so using ofSetFrameRate wouldn’t really be needed. A while ago I ported a ‘2D generative drawing app with no moving camera’ and I found setting the fps to 60 using ofSetFrameRate very useful, because otherwise the whole drawing app would move at lightning speed. So I guess the main question is if you want to prevent screen tearing or if you want to limit/set the framerate.

Also check out the OF GitHub repository’s issues, for example here and here.