ofSetDataPathRoot mac behaviour

I just merged my OF fork from the master branch and it included a fix for issue #192 that changes the ofSetDataPathRoot() behaviour.

I understand that now in Mac OSX it will look fot the data path inside the .app bundle.
This is great for distribution, but breaks all the existing projects that use files in the data path.
Now we have to tell the compiler to create a data path inside the App.
Is there an easy, seamless way to do that?

And what if I want the files to be unbundled, so the final user can change them?
Maybe in this case we could use 2 data paths, one for bundled and one for unbundled files (ofToDataPath() and ofToBundleDataPath()) ?

actually nothing has really changed except - before we were assuming that the starting path was three levels inside the app bundle and basing our mac prepend …/…/…/data/ off of that.

now there is some code that gets executed that makes sure that is the case.

before due to a strange bug the starting path could sometimes be:

but also sometimes be:

so this code should just be ensuring the path starts at


Ok , now I see…
I actually never understood the …/…/…/data

But how do the compiler add the files to the bundle?