ofSetDataPathRoot in v11

Hi All

Just moved over to v11 as a result of a forced OSX/Xcode update.

Seems ok so far after a bit of library wrangling, but I am getting an error when I use the line ofSetDataPathRoot("../Resources/data/“); to bundle resources into the compiled app file. The resources (fonts for ofxDatGui, etc) are no longer found. Has something changed here/am I doing something wrong?


hurmmmmm ok well, it wasn’t copying the resources across into the app file.

I added the line:
rsync -avz --exclude='.DS_Store' "${SRCROOT}/bin/data/" "${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/${UNLOCALIZED_RESOURCES_FOLDER_PATH}/data/“

After line 3 of the second build phase script (the line that copy the icon across and that reads rsync -aved "$ICON_FILE" "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$PRODUCT_NAME.app/Contents/Resources/“ ). Now it does copy them across. So all good, maybe…?

Would be good to understand why the added line isn’t running in the 3rd build phase script tho.

We only do the copying of the data folder over if you set your configuration to AppStore.
So maybe in your old project you had that configuration selected?

You can select it by doing edit scheme in the drop down where you switch from Debug / Release.
Then selecting AppStore from the configuration drop down.

Brill, that fixes it, thanks!