ofSaveScreen exporting darker files

Hello world! New oF user here (LOVING IT! oF is AWESOME!). I have been following along with the ofBook, and have found that ofSaveScreen() is saving images that are darker than what I see in the oF window. (In the Basics>Graphics chapter.)

Here is my screenshot. In the window it looks much brighter. I am using grayscale values in my code. It should in fact look white and shiny (like in the book).

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!

Are you saving as a jpeg or Png? This can make a difference, also if you use an ofImage you can set the quality of the saved file as well. This may be more steps, you may need to draw into an ofFbo and read that to a pixels object to load into an ofImage, but then you get the quality control.

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I use ofSaveImage(), this give me the result I want.

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I am saving png.

Awesome! I will try ofImage with an FBO. I haven’t gotten to much OpenGL implementation in oF, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to add some shaders for post-processing in the FBO too! Thanks for the tip! I’m still very much learning what is available.

Thank you! I will give it a shot.