oFS (OpenFrameworks Sydney) - 15th Feb 2015

hi there,

the next OF + Cinder Sydney workshop is scheduled for 15th Feb 2015.
still a while away… but get in touch if you’d like to get involved!
more info to come.

im in

Creative Coding Sydney

openFrameworks + Cinder workshop & talks.

15th Feb 2015

CASA studio
Suite 2, 36-42 Chippen St
Chippendale 2008

RSVP email:

Rene Christen
Lights in, Lights out

Discussing Inanimata, a project to broadcast and translate morse code using smart phones and hacked lights as well as some data visualisation projects using the new DDP (Distributed Display Protocol) to control RGB LEDs. http://renechristen.net/

Dave Towey
Tessellation Shaders

GPU based Tessellation using OpenGL 4 with example walkthrough showing terrain with dynamic level of detail plus other possibilities. http://davetowey.com

Peter Werner
Curl Noise

Using the curl operator for fluid like velocity fields. An implementation walk through with examples.

Lukasz Karluk

Thanks to the folks at FRAMED, we got our hands on the first FRAMED unit in Australia which we can demo. Bring your generative art and we’ll try to get it running on the FRAMED display. More info about FRAMED here, http://frm.fm/en/

Background image by Raven Kwok - http://ravenkwok.com