ofRandomize() is not working in of_v20130713_osx_release

I’ve been successfully using ofRandomize() to shuffle a vector in v0.11.2. I switched to of_v20230713 and started to get the error “Use of undeclared identifier ‘random_shuffle’”.

I did some digging and found that ‘image_shuffle’ was replaced by ‘shuffle’ after C++17. I’m not sure if this is relevant since it still works in 0.11.2.


This can be tested with the following snippet:

vector<int> randomNums;

macOS 13.13.1
MacBook Pro 2019


macOS 13.13.1
Mac mini.
Apple M1

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Thanks @slab this is relevant
I’ve submitted a PR here with a potential fix ofRandomize compatible with c++17 by dimitre · Pull Request #7572 · openframeworks/openFrameworks · GitHub

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