ofQuickTimePlayer does not name a type


I’m a newbie at using OF.
My goal is to read video files to GL_RGBA textures and do some blending using glsl.
I’m used to the glsl part, my only question is about reading files.

What I’ve learned :

  • ofVideoPlayer don’t support alpha channels.
  • ofQuickTimePlayer seems to do it.

Two questions :

  1. Am I in the right way ?
  2. How to achieve using ofQuickTimePlayer ?
    I’ve tried to declare a simple object in my testApp.h, but building throws :
src/testApp.h:23:3: erreur: ‘ofQuickTimePlayer’ does not name a type  

I’ve included the header ofQuickTimePlayer.h in ofMain.h. Same result.
I’ve built again OF. Same result.

And I need to notice that I 'm running on Ubuntu 12.04.
So maybe, as it’s QuickTime dependent ofQuickTimePlayer does not work on Linux?