ofProject script for windows

Seems that there is no ofProject scripts for windows… so I modified the linux version. Get it from the attachment.

What I have modified is just adding call to Ft.Lib.Uri.OsPathToUri whenever I found an error of “The URI scheme C is not supported by resolver FtUriResolver”.

I don’t know how to setup to let it be called directly in command line by “ofProject”… Hope someone can add this function as a install script and place it in windows version of OF…

How to set it up:

  1. Install-python-2.5 (I don’t know if 2.6 works, but it should…)
  2. Install-Amara
  3. Install-4Suite-XML
  4. Download my attachment and unzip it somewhere.
  5. Open “ofEnvironment.py” in the unzipped folder and set the value of of_root.
  6. done!

How to use it (if you haven’t used ofProject before):
Open command line and type…

C:\Python25\python.exe C:\path\to\ofProjectManager.py  

It should print the usage of it.

An example:
To create a new project called “testApp”.

C:\Python25\python.exe C:\path\to\ofProjectManager.py create testApp  

And you should see the project folder in apps\myApps


nice work!

One possible way to use this script would be to call it from a codeblocks plugin as I have done for linux, that way you don’t have to run it from the command line (which is more annoying to do in windows). If you are interested have a look here: