ofProject on 0.062 and Ubuntu 10.10

I just wanted to point out that on a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10 you need the python-amara package in order to run the ofProject script.


sudo apt-get install python-amara

The ofProjectManager script lies in the “scripts” folder of the Linux distribution of OF. It’s a convenient way to use the command-line to generate new OF projects.

It is also used in the Codeblocks openFrameworks Wizard for Linux found here:

Maybe it would be useful to mention this in the readme file included with of? Or include it in the installdependencies script? I just spent a long while trying to find out the most convenient way to make a new project on Ubuntu 11.04, 64 bits, since ofProject.py gave the error “import amara”, which did not mean that much to me (maybe also my wrong :-).

yeah it’s true, we need that pack.
but what IDE are you using?
i thought ofProject.py was out-of-date with new makefiles and addons.make file

yes, I think with the new makefiles ofProject.py is obsolete. Check out this post for some infos on how to use it:

well this will be true for 007. for 0062 ofProject is the way to go

I’m using cb 10.05 with of 0062. After installing the python-amara package the script is working flawlessly. I just though it would be nice to mention this package somewhere in the documentation. The flexibility of using makefiles sound really good though! (I’m just starting to use of and c++).