ofPolyline or OfPath for drawing polylines of polylines?

Hi all,

I need to build a kind of polyline of polylines.
Basically, imagine a polyline starting to grow… progressively branching and creating other polyline, each one of them creating other polyline.

I used the term polyline as a concept.

I need to draw the whole kind of tree of polylines on different mode:
for instance, drawing a line between each adjacent points within each polyline, or drawing bezier between points, or thick lines or thin ones in the same polylines.

I just started to write (on the paper) class including vectors of ofPolyline but I’m afraid of using ofPolyline instead of ofPath. Maybe my class isn’t necessary as a basic ofPath could be enough?

But my doubt is more about the so useful getPointAtPercent(…) method for polylines. Maybe I should just do something like: a vectors of unsorted/unstructured polylines. Branching would only be: adding a polyline with the global vector containing the whole structure.

Any suggestions considering what I explained?

Thanks a lot