ofPolyline doubth


Im working with a polyline, i want to spread N points in a circumference and get the position of those points.

ofPolyline circlePolyline;  

I set the center in x:100/y:100 and i use 10 points with a radious of 300, so i have


When i loop throught the points to see their position, it gave me a position that seems relative to something and i want the screen position (the absolute position of each point in the screen)

for (int i = 0; i < circlePolyline.size(); i++) {  
cout << "  x: " << circlePolyline[i].x << " --- y: " << circlePolyline[i].y << endl;  

How can i get the absolute position for this points??


my mistake, its correct. The position of the points its correct, im reading those values in a wrong way