I love Pure Data. And one of the plugins I fell in love with was pmpd:


So I am starting to convert it into a OF addon.

from the website:
These objects provide real-time simulations, specially physical behaviors. pmpd can be used to create natural dynamic systems, like a bouncing ball, string movement, Brownian movement, chaos, fluid dynamics, sand, gravitation, and more. It can also be used to create displacements thus allowing a completely dynamic approach.
The aim of pmpd is to create different kinds of behavior for sound and video processing. Moreover, the modelling of dynamic physical systems can easily be done with pmpd.

It can be use for anything you need natural control data for. Sound, gui controller, graphics, etc.

So far I got the 1D version with example (link and mass only so far - have kids and wife). 2d & 3d to come. Any Suggestions, thoughts, ideas, help to make it better or easier to use appreciated.


It will be up for 7 days from right now.
Sorry about the yousendit link but I dont have any other place to put it right now.


Made the code more simple. Got a google svn.