OFPlugin - Xcode plugin for easily adding addons to OF apps

Hi all,

I’ve released a plugin for Xcode 5 that makes it easy to add addons to apps as you’re working on them (update: it works on Xcode 6 too). It can sort out dependencies and clone stuff from github if you don’t have them all already.

Here’s a demo of the basic features: https://vimeo.com/79061998
And here’s a demo of the dependency management and fancier stuff: https://vimeo.com/79167885

There’s a precompiled version available from http://adamcarlucci.com/ofplugin.zip , but I recommend you get the source from here, so it’s easier to stay up to date: https://github.com/admsyn/OFPlugin (building the included Xcode project will install the plugin).



Thanks Adam for doing this! What an awesome extension. This following on from the project generator is getting dangerously close to a package management system a la Bundler, NPM, NuGet etc.

I am ramping up on my oF knowledge, so forgive me if I missed something. Is there any kind of manifest file in oF (like Gemfile / Gemfile.lock), so that we can declare our dependencies on specific versions of packages? It looks as though at the moment it will always pull the latest version. I know people don’t usually version their releases but we could specify dependencies on specific commit hashes.

Thanks again - very nice work.

cool. this certainly makes things easier.
thanks adam.

Is there any kind of manifest file in oF (like Gemfile / Gemfile.lock), so that we can declare our dependencies on specific versions of packages?

There is addons.make which some people use for this, but it’s basically just a list of addon names (no git SHAs). It’d make sense if the plugin made use of this, probably by having an option to add addons found in the project’s addons.make file.

I just noticed if two addons have the same dependency and you add them at different times it will still add the dependency even if it is already in the project. Not a big deal at all as it is a single keystroke to get rid of the offending addons but a tiny glitch none the less.

This is amazing! Thank you so much!

Just installed ofPlugin and WOW ! This is so useful, thank you admsyn !

I have a newbie problem - I have written a program in Xcode, added OpenCV (not through OF) to it, got some haar-cascade detections going (I’m detecting smiles, trying to find a way to detect how big they are), and I want to add the OfxCV addon to see how that framework compares in terms of ease-of-use etc. But every time I do, after your plugin installs the addon correctly, my program will no longer compile - complaining “Incomplete type ‘cv::Mat’ named in nested name specifier” all over the place, and I have no idea how to fix it. Removing the addon doesn’t solve the problem - if I hit “delete” on the OfxCV folder, then “remove references” it removes them correctly but when I hit compile, the compiler still complains of the same thing. I can only think that Ofx and OpenCV can’t co-exist, because they are both trying to define the “cv” namespace…? Sorry I am new to all of this so am trying to wrap my head around it. How can I get my program to compile properly directly after installing an OFX addon?

Hi @ajlowndes, I’d guess maybe you have two version of opencv trying to co-exist in the same project? If you brought your own opencv, and then added ofxCv with OFPlugin, that would probably cause all kinds of weirdness. ofxCv refers to the opencv that is bundled with openframeworks itself (in addons/ofxOpenCv)

hey this is awesome thanks