ofPlanePrimitive Texturing

I am tring to put textures on a PLANE.
After mapped, the texture is the same for both side(front and back), there is a way to place a single texture for each face?

I’m not an expert by any definition of the word, but no, I don’t think so — it’s just not the way meshes work. As a workaround, you might make two parallel planes, separated ever so slightly, and give each one a different texture.

Perhaps you could use a fragment shader and gl_FrontFacing? Either by supplying two input textures to it. Or by supplying a single input texture with the two images next to each other, but using only half of the texture for each side (one half for front, the other for back). Note, these are untested suggestions! :smile:

Hi there!

Like @amnon said, I also think gl_FrontFacing is the best way to go. Here is an example with noise, but you can easily switch that to two textures. (I’m using the master version.) Keep up!