OfPixels() signature changes v0.8.4 to v0.9.8

Hi Community,

I am a beginner at OF and have an old sketch that reads text with OCR real-time from the webcam that runs at of_v0.8.4_osx but I need to get in running with the latest of_v0.9.8_osx.

When I try to build the sketch, I get an error at both setFromPixels --> No matching member function for call to 'setFromPixels’

void ofApp::update(){
if(detectedText == false){

    if (camera.isFrameNew()) {
        rgb.setFromPixels(camera.getPixels(), w, h,1);

        if(ofGetFrameNum()%30 < 2) {
            image.setFromPixels(camera.getPixels(), w, h, OF_IMAGE_COLOR, true);
            ocrStr = ocr.findText(image);
            cout << ocrStr;
            //match the ocrString to the defined strings in the XML file



ofApp.h looks like this:

    ofVideoGrabber camera;
    ofxCvColorImage rgb;

I am a little confused how to use the signature from ofPixels correctly since there are multiple possibilities what the last value could be here ofPixels()

Also not sure if there are more changes from v.0.8 to v.0.9. Thanks for any advice!

just calling:


(and the same for rbg, should work