ofPath.translate() or what is the best way to move a complete ofpath

I have some shiny ghosts defined as ofpath

And I want them to fly independently around. I have a class ghosts.h with a draw() function. They are added to the main program with an vector.

typedef shared_ptr<ghosts> ghosts_ptr;
vector<ghosts_ptr> theGhosts;

in the draw() of the ghosts I tried pos=pos+ofPoint(1,1,0); ghostBody.translate(pos); this is in the beginning the upperleft point and this results in some strange behavior. The ghost is repeating itself in a great distance and I couldn’t find any documentation about this topic

So what is the best way to move an ofpath or should I use ofNode or smth. like that -> by now I am not so god in 3d graphics. Thanks

Why don’t you do

ghostBody.draw( x, y );

where x and y are the translation you want ?

Hey lilive,
thanks for the tip, i added the position p as first point in the ofpath so it was in reference to 0/0. Now I use the position point p in the draw() and I can easily move my ghosts around! thanks for the tipp.