ofParameter issue with certain Addons


This issue has been posted before (ofParameter.h compile error) however those solutions haven’t worked for me.

The error I’m getting is exactly the same; Parse Issue, Expected Expression on this line in the ofParameter.h file, part of the openFrameworks type folder.

	static const bool value = sizeof(check(stream >> x)) == sizeof(yes);

The Addon I’m using that is causing the error is ofxMidi.

The problem has arisen since I downloaded Xcode 8.

I’m running OF 0.9.8.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I have the same issue when trying to build the example for ofxPuppet.
Mine is a “Parse Issue, Expected Expression” for ofXml.h

This is with OF 0.9.8 with xcode 8.2.1

I was able to solve this problem by generating a new project with the OF 0.9.8 project generator and then bringing the source code from the ofxPuppet example into it.

Many many thanks for your reply. I’m still a little confused… so include ofxMidi in the addon section of the project generator and replace the blank source code with the ofxMidi example code and then edit from there?

Best, Tom