ofParameter int to display text in UI instead of integers

I have a vector that contains objects. Each object has a “myName” string variable. I’d like to use a UI slider to select an object from that vector. So far I’ve been using an ofParameter to select (by index) an item in the vector. However, this displays numbers in the UI (the indexes). I’d like to be able to show the value of string variable (myName) for each object so that I can read the name of which object in the vector I have “selected.”

How can I do this?

Alternatively, I have an enum, like this

enum class ActivationDirection {
    NA = 0,
    POS = 1,
    NEG = -1

I’d like to create a ui slider that can select any one of those options - while displaying the name of each of those options. (similar as above).

How can I do this / these?