ofParameter and gui newbie question

Hello everybody,

I am working on a very basic particle system project and i have run into an issue regarding ofParameter bool and gui controls. Basically i want to be able to switch through different modes of drawing the particles(as cube,sphere,cone etc).

To make it more clear lets say i want to switch between fill and no fill using the gui. This is a simple task as i can use a bool to switch on and off. But how can i do this when it comes to 3 or more options that cancel each other out? IF i want to render my particles as cubes for example i should be able to select cube rendering in my gui but at the same time deselect the two other options(cube,cone).

I am not sure whether what i am asking is understandable but I would really appreciate any help:D

you can use an int variable to select what prim type to draw:

ofxPanel gui;
ofParameter<int> primType;

primType.set("prim type", 0, 0, 2);


if (primType == 0){ drawCube();}
else if (primType == 1){ drawSphere();}
else if (primType == 2){ drawCone();}


Another way could be to use an enum list with a drop down element selector, but I think is not included by default into ofxGui…
You can use too an string parameter to display the prim name that your a drawing on the gui.