ofPackageManager: pre-release for osx testing

Hey @thomasgeissl,

I am not able to get the front-end to find the command line on Windows. There is no frontend.config.json file in that folder, and I don’t see a settings modal either. The command line tool is on my %PATH%.

If you let me know which lines in the frontend code to look at, I can dig around to see what’s up.

here is the init function, which checks for the cli tools and generates the frontend config file.

btw the projectGenerator should be also added to path.
there is settings icon on the top right cornor.

here is my example config, you can save it to HOME/.ofPackageManager/frontend.config.json

  "defaultProjectPath": "/Users/thomas.geissl/libs/of_v0.11.0_osx_release/apps/myApps",
  "ofPackageManagerPath": "/usr/local/bin/ofPackageManager",
  "ofProjectGeneratorPath": "/usr/local/bin/projectGenerator",
  "showAdvancedFeatures": true,
  "showConsole": true,
  "verboseOutput": false

let me know if that solves the problem.

some small updates on osx. the frontend should be now installable via brew (cask) as well. could someone test if this works?

brew tap thomasgeissl/tools
brew install ofpackagemanager
#brew upgrade ofpackagemanager
brew install ofprojectgenerator
ofPackageManager config -g

brew cask install ofpackagemanagerfrontend

i updated it, it is getting stable and the interfaces is now much cleaner. the local addons panel is not shown if there are none available. the platform and template panel is shown if advanced features are enabled.

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