hi all !

i’ve seen ofOscParameter in the ofxGui addon and i would like to know if someone has the clue about how to use it ?
i’ve read that it allows to have in & out osc updates of ofxGui parameters and i would like to understand how to use it … i’ve seen no file including ofOscParameter.h so … a bit confused it it’s usefull and how to put it in action in conjunction with the ofxGui …

that is what i found about it from a robotconscience message …

"As far as updating parameters in your OF remotely, making an interface via OSC or WebSockets is pretty simple! If you use OSC, you’ll have to make another OF app that sends parameters; using ofxGui makes this really easy to go back and forth (check out ofOscParameter in ofxGui).

thanks a lot for any tip advice or example …


ofxOSC is a core addon of openFrameworks. The OSC protocol is used to send messages via a network, but you can also send messages between two programs that run on the same computer with it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open-Sound-Control

You can look at the examples for a little more info about ofxOSC https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/tree/master/examples/addons/oscReceiveExample & https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/tree/master/examples/addons/oscSenderExample

hi underdoeg

thanks for your explanation !

i do know about and use ofxOsc , but i was asking for ofxOscParameter which is part of ofxGui not of ofxOsc. i’m trying to use it as stated here somehow : ““using ofxGui makes this really easy to go back and forth (check out ofOscParameter in ofxGui).””

i’m willing to work with ofxGui and i guess that using ofOscParameter i can have in&out updates over osc of the gui params … without much control code on gui params change or listener/receiver … i thought that ofOscParameter was ment for that … but not sure if i’m guessing right or even if it’s non sense what i’m saying :wink:

does anybody used ofOscParameter ? could it update (send/rec over ofOsc) a ofxGui parameter easily ?

thanks … and happy 2013 !



Did you find anything about this? I’m willing to combine osc messages with my GUI parameters (to avoid mouse interaction). So basically I would pass the osc values into my Gui, dunno if it makes sense.

Let me know!

You can try this add-on:

If I don’t remember bad, you should use groups, or not all kind of parameter maybe.
I think the included ofxGui has something too. Also in ofxGuiExtended.