ofMesh LineStrips + textured

I normally render a line strip with opengl immediate calls or quad strips. When doing this you can set a color for each face. I am trying to use ofMesh to draw this using OF_PRIMITIVE_TRIANGLE_STRIP, I get a interpolated colors. Am I thinking about this problem wrong? How would I go about coloring each segment a separate color, like hard stripes.

I want something like this:

here is my attempt.
…click and add mouse points


	ofMesh mesh;
	if(points.size() > 1) {
		ofVec2f a, b, v;
		float width = 25;
		for (int i = 0;  i < points.size(); i++){
			if (i == 0) {
				a = points[i];
				b = points[i+1];
				v = a - b;
			} else {
				a = points[i];
				b = points[i - 1];
				v = b - a;
			ofVec2f p = v.perpendicular();
			mesh.addVertex(a + p * width);
			mesh.addVertex(a - p * width);
			if (i%2==0) {
			} else {
	for (int i=0; i<points.size(); i++) {
		ofDrawCircle(points[i], 3);

i think you need to repeat vertices in order to do “flat” colors per face, use triangles instead of strips

I got something, not sure that it is the most efficient but works! Here is the a git gist of the results.

i can imagine you can use triangle stripe with some degenerate triangles to duplicate the vertices but i don’t think the vertex count would be much lower. just moving the mesh outside of the function into the instance and using a vbo mesh will probably optimize much more than saving a couple of vertices

Hey Todd,

Looked over the gist, you could also use polyline functions for getting the normals and tangents at indices. polyline.getNormalAtIndex(i) or polyline.getTangentAtIndex(i). I believe the result will be interpolated.


Holy Moly! getNormalAtIndex & getNormalAtIndexInterpolated

I update the gist - results are ok, starts to slow down at around 600 points. I think that a texture is the best approach I will try that out next.

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I made a texture line strip here. I had trouble making the texture fit properly somehow the math in there works. Any feed back would be great.