ofMain.h / ofConstants.h not found


Why an xcode project could not find ofMain.h/ofConstants.h and not compile ?


probably because you have it somewhere that is not 2 levels below the OF root like: apps/myproject?

That is true, it is 3 levels below.

Because I would like to assemble some projects in a different folder and i guessed that generating with the project generator would solve this.

So, ofMain.h can be displayed/edited in xCode, but is not found and i can not compile ofxFenster

I don’t get it,

Now, my project is from scratch emptyExample and with others in myApp.
All my paths seems good, my files are visible and editable in xCode (even ofMain.h), but when compiling it can not find ofMain.h and put me an error

[font=Verdana]ofMain.h file not found[/font]

Something is screwing me when i add the plug-ins in the project. In the tutorial, it looks some windows and a combo box to select “Reltive to project” and so on.
In xCode 4, i can not select it when drag-and-dropping, i have to settle in project after adding.
I settled with "relative to project because some paths of groups sometimes went wrong after adding.

So, what am i doing wrong ? what am i misknowing about xCode ? is it really a matter of paths and groups ?

Plz, it makes me crazy

Do i have to go a step back and work on xCode 3 ?

After reinstalling xCode, no more troubles…