ofLoadURLAsync Memory Leak


I just realised that if there is no network connection connection, if you use ofLoadURLAsync(), the memory starts increasing and increasing until the computer runs out of it.

Any idea how to solve that?

is this with 0.9.8 or the nightly builds / master? if it happens in master too, can you open an issue on github? thanks!

Hi @arturo.

It happens with the master release from the website:


If the issue has already been addressed in the GitHub master branch of OF, I would be happy to switch.

can you try with the nightly builds? that should be more or less the same as master and the install is as straightforward as the stable builds from the web. you can find them in the download page after the 0.9.8 downloads

@arturo. Thanks for the answer.

The nightly build doesn’t have that issue. This time the memory doesn’t increase while not connected to the internet or not finding the host.

I will build the new application based on the latest nightly build.


I realized that ofLoadURLAsync from v0.10 is not able to load urls that v0.9.8. Any big changes regarding the matter?