ofLoadURLAsync crash in 0071 if network is not available. (Solved)

ofLoadURLAsync still crashing the app on windows, when no network connection is available, trying to load an rss from a server.

I was thinking if there is a way to test network availability before doing the call, but if there is not an easy way, I will consider to switch to ofxCurl, or any other add on that can load an rss in an async process.

Suggestions or workarounds are welcomed

This weekend i have time to play around, and ofLoadURL handles the error with no problem, so implementing that in a thread solve the problem.

do you have a patch you can offer? if yes, please open an issue at https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/ and then submit a pull request with your changes. more infos at https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/wiki/openFrameworks-git-workflow ->how to contribute

i didn’t modify the ofx code, but instead implemented it in my app. i will post the issue on github tonight :slight_smile:

hey drakko, i’d love to see what your workaround was for this. i’m running into the same problem at the moment – every approx. 10,000 calls to ofLoadURLAync (within ofxThreadedImageLoader) my app crashes. it’s been a real challenge to debug.



Sorry for not following up, but it seems solved but not, happen to crash any few calls… at the end i switched to ofxCurl for this… i had some crash problems but were related to the error handling and easy to correct.


it still happens in OF 0.9.8. If there is no data connection the memory starts to increase and increase until it crashes.

I hope they fix that. How did you make an async call with ofxCurl?