ofLive: in-browser OF code editor

Hello to all OF users!

I just finished building a prototype of an in-browser editor using the Emscripten version of Openframeworks and Ace code editor, my goal is to have an application for trying out concepts without the need to setup anything. It use a slightly modified version of ofxLua to expose the API, and allow instant result visualization.

For the moment it just have basic functionalities, like saving scripts locally and rudimentary sharing (in read only mode, the script content can’t be modified after sharing for now).

The current build has been tested with the latest Chrome and Firefox version, It should also work with IE edge and latest version of Safari, but no guarantee, here’s the link:

(The size of the js main file is quite big atm, so don’t worry if your browser is taking few seconds to parse it, it’s normal)

It use the latest nightly for now, I plan on porting some more examples, as well as testing the API more thoroughly, the current build also don’t include any deprecated functions.

The source code for the editor is available here:

Let me know if you try it out, and have any feedback on how to improve it, what kind of feature should be added, etc.