ofKinectV2 help - can't find function getWorldCoordinateAt

I’m trying to build a ofxKinectV2ProjectorToolkit addon, basing on @genekogan ofxKinectProjectorToolkit and @joshuajnoble ofxKinectV2.
I’m trying to translate a code line of the first addon that uses kinect.getWorldCoordinateAt function of ofxKinect.
I need to find a correspondant function in ofxKinectV2 but it doesn’t seem to exist, or I ddin’t find it.
Any help?

right now only the windows SDK supports this directly, so you’d have to use a wrapper for that like elliot’s ofxKinectForWindows2. the OSX versions just give you the depth image. if you have the kinect’s intrinsics, you should be able to derive the world point from depth image, but the latency with KinectV2 in OSX makes tracking problematic. i’m also planning on reimplementing for V2 when i get the time.

Hi dear,
Thanks for your answer.
I forgot to mention that I’m working on a win8 - my plan is to calibrate with it, and then send calibrated osc to a Mac.

I could switch to ofxKinectForWidows2, that I already tried - but didn’t find the right function to achieve a getWorldCoordinateAt similar function.
Could you address me to it?

not sure, maybe @elliotwoods can answer?

Sorry, I said I was going to do this and then didn’t and didn’t realize you were referring to the V2 addon rather than the V1 addon. I’m just wrapping the KinectCommonBridge and trying to keep it to just that for a variety of reasons. Anyhow, with Elliots addon you can just get an ICoordinateMapper and that’ll do it.

For what I seems to understand, there’s no function in ICoordinateMapper that gives the same result of kinect1 getWorldCoordinateAt . This last in fact gives XYZ values of a 3D point in space. All function in ICoordinateMapper translate from a 2D space to another 2D space (the different cameras coordinate systems).
Am I wrong?

Hmm. I’m not sure I follow but I did add coordinate mapping functions to ofxKinectV2, so give that a go and let me know if it meets your needs.

check out this line:

this->coordinateMapper->MapDepthFrameToCameraSpace(frameSize, this->pixels.getPixels(), frameSize, (CameraSpacePoint*) mesh.getVerticesPointer());``

CameraSpacePoint is a 3D point with the same layout as ofVec3f