i’ve adapted an old JTNimoy class to work with ofImage so that you can import/display/loop image sequences if you guys are interested in adding that. i can send you .h and .cpp if such things are of interest.


hell yeah, sounds great!

can we ask you to make a small example and post it in the examples thread? we can certainly add it as an addon, we are starting to collect a bunch of different addons, and this would be good to include –

many thanks!!

You might also like to check out ofDirList, which reads the contents of directories and returns a list of paths filtered by filetypes.

You can check it out here:


You’ll need to add

#include <string>  
using namespace std;  

To ofConstants.h to get it to work.


i’ll get on it soon. that directory searcher sounds pretty nice, i’ll see where i can integrate…