ofImage pointer instantiation

if you try to construct an ofImage pointer a la:

ofImage* myImage;


the ofImage class errors on :

bool isValid(){

return (bmp != NULL) ? true : false;


when done as a stack allocation (ofImage myImage, myImage.load…) it works fine.

just a heads up!


you mean in bool freeImageBitmap::isValid()?

i can’t remember exactly anymore but i think i had the same problem once.
i guess it had to do with the not so clean constructors (initialization).

i discussed that issue with zach and theo a while ago, sent them my changes and i guess/hope those will be included at some point. they didn’t make it into the current-svn-snapshot yet. but you should try to check that out.

hi keith

I’m not sure I understand the problem, can you send on an example? for example, are you allocating the object? I don’t see what the problem is, and I can’t recreate it with pointers over here…

didi, we are definitely working on the changes, especially to de-allocation on all objects, but we’ve had bigger things to work on recently, like linux support - and august has been kind of a slow time because of travel. However please know that we will not be implementing all of your changes, such as using non-default constructors, initialization lists, etc. We are going to try to find the best of all approaches, and we appreciate the feedback and patience. We will try to get on a faster release schedule in the next weeks.

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hi zach.

nice to hear that, i’d appreciate it. but hey, no stress.
i know you have a tight schedule. so do i :wink:

and i can see that you don’t want to implement all of my suggestions.
that is ok for me since you guys have a somehow different perspective on code than i have.

but i think i have to be picky on that initialization lists issue.
i can’t see a single argument against initializing all variables properly?!?

anyway, maybe we should talk about it in real life, maybe at this years ars festival?!?

take care

hi didi,

yeah august is a rough month, especially in linz :slight_smile: good luck with everything - I heard that think will be in pixelspaces, good luck with it!

i can’t see a single argument against initializing all variables properly?!?

no, you misunderstand — we have and will try to initialize everything properly… seriously. the issue is *style*, we don’t think initialization lists is the way we want to allocate variables. We’d rather initialize them in the default constructor in a way most people would be used to from C, flash, java, etc. the idea is to keep the code as readable and normal as possible.

thanks for the feedback!


ps: I think the style issue of what we are debating is pretty well described here:


while the author argues in favor of initialization lists for performance reasons, which I can completely understand, I am still voting strongly for the argument for legibility / normalcy of the code…

thx zach, we are really glad to show think at pixelspaces. :slight_smile:


[quote author=“didito”]
using initialization lists is cleaner, more efficient and professional, but surely not less legibile. in fact the coding style from a visual point of view (the format and layout) is just a matter of personal taste. i.e. i prefer their style because i learned it that way.[/quote]

I think we are debating something very small, which is a style issue.

personally, I am more used to, and I find much easier to read this:

	bLoop 			= false;  
	bLoadedOk 		= false;  
	channel 		= -1;				  
	pan 			= 0.5f;					  
	volume 			= 1.0f;  
	internalFreq 	= 44100;  	  
	speed 			= 1;  
	bPaused 		= false;  

then this:

ofSoundPlayer::ofSoundPlayer() :   

but if you look at most all of the constructors in OF, we are mostly dealing with common variables and really not alot is happening anyway. therefore, I really don’t think it matters which way we do it. I think then it’s more important to write code in a way which is more universally understood… so that your average literate java, flash, javascript, etc programmer can look and say “ok, those variables are being set.”

at any rate, I am super happy to debate these things, and our mind is definitely open, and I have to admit (a) I have never used initialization lists (b) I learned alot researching them in the process © I could be open to using them in more complicated situations, or where performance was really an issue.


ps: as a side note, theo and I put in our first template code into the next version of OF - so we are not totally against modern c++ style coding :slight_smile:

you are absolutely right. this is really a small style issue.
and you might be right that the average literate … programmer understands your approach more easily.

i’m glad about your open-mindness.
looking forward to the next OF version with more modern c++ style coding :wink: