ofImage meoryleak

Hi I was looking around the openFrameworks lib code and I came across a possible memory leak in ofImage.cpp
if (imgPixels != NULL && bAllocatedPixels == true)
delete imgPixels;
delete imgPixels should be delete [] imgPixels to delete the whole buffer

cool thanks! I don’t think it’s a memory leak issue, at least on the compilers I’ve tested ofImage memory issues on (they seem to handle this the intended way), but it’s definitely not correct. did you notice a memory issue?

we’ll def fix it in the next release. thanks much for the change !!! zach

I didnt try using memory leak detection, im on windows platform, but usually i get a warning for that type of error… i dont think its a big deal though!
…anyways really nice job u r doing with openFrameworks ! :slight_smile: