ofImage.load from absolute path?

Hi! First post.

Haven’t used openframeworks in awhile(since, i think, 0.8.0)

Trying to load an series of images from a directory outside of “/bin/data”

Whenever I call image.load(“E:/users/jack/blahblahblah/image.png”) the image won’t load and i get:

ofGLProgrammableRenderer: draw(): texture is not allocated
ofTexture: getTextureData(): texture has not been allocated

Have also tried ofFilePath::makeRelative(" ", “filepath”) and no joy

How would i go about doing this??

Using OF 0.10.0 and visual studio 2017

Please help!!

okay, seems only to be a problem when loading from a different drive to where OF is located.
Still strange.

so…load(“E:/path”) works for me, but load(“C:/path”) doesn’t.
OF is located on my E drive.

windows or mac?

if you are in windows, you probably have unicode (non ascii) characters in your path

you need to do some extra magic for this to work

That may well be the case.

It doesn’t matter much now, just have to keep the OF app and the images / external data on the same drive.
No biggie for me.