ofImage issue in Xcode

Hi. I have some error in Xcode 10

I use ofImage class and very simple code
but this code generate Error (Thread 01: EXC_MAD_ACCESS)

How can I fix it?

this is my code

void ofApp::setup(){

void ofApp::update(){

void ofApp::draw(){
    ofBackground(128, 128, 128);
    image.draw(100, 50);

and this is Error

There seems to be several problems with xcode 10 that we are looking into. By now it’s recommended to not upgrade or if you have already try to go back to xcode 9

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you can download Xcode 9.4.1 here:


(you will need your apple id to login)

we are working on a variety of Xcode 10 and mojave related build issues at the moment and should have some progress shortly.

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Hi, I am also using Xcode 10 + Mojave.
I believe for ofxBaseGui there is a same issue:

Is it adviced that I go back to Xcode 9.4.1 as @zach has pointed out?

I solved my own issue by switching back to Legacy Build System in Xcode 10.
See reference here: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/6149

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