ofImage doesn't load images

I am using Android 7.0 and Android Studio(on Windows 7),Openframeworks 0.10.0.

My problem is:

in ofApp.h:

ofImage image1;

in ofApp.cpp:

… ofApp::setup()

… ofApp::draw()

When I compile and then run code on my phone, it shows a black square/rectangle instead of the picture…

I don’t think the path is wrong because for example when I write a non-existent file name or directory in the path, I see no rectangle on my phone’s screen,nothing.

Under Windows 7 and a previous version of OF, ofImage is able to load the same file(running on Windows).

Well, zach’s answer here:

[Drawing ofimages on top of opengl?]

solved the problem.Using:


before drawing the image.