How can I use ofHttpRequest to send a simple http request ?
I have tried :
ofHttpRequest salut; //testApp.h


salut.ofHttpRequest("http://blabla.com", Test, false);

but it doesn’t work

Any Ideas please ?

ofHttpRequest and ofHttpResponse both are classes which serve as data structure to store public variables that you would normally need to do a request and response. ofHttpRequest stores url, name, saveTo and id whereas ofHttpResponse stores request, status, error, status, etc. Both of these classes do not have any action methods which you can send a message to with your object.

I think what you need instead is ofUrlFileLoader class which has the methods and internally uses ofHttpRequest as well uses ofHttpResponse for the handling the http response, or you can also use ofLoadUrl(), ofLoadUrlAsync() methods. You can look into a short example for these methods in oF_v0073/grahics/imageLoaderWebExample