ofHaartraining App

I am starting down this road to build a haartraining app for OSX. I have been digging around the web and here is what I have found so far:

svn checkout http://tutorial-haartraining.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ tutorial-haartraining-read-only

If anyone has some info or guidance :slight_smile:


I’m really curious what this is going to be used for :slight_smile: More face-recognition things?

Hi Todd

There are some good tutorials about that, just I´ve look for one and in the opencv forum and I found a reference to this one that looks simple-and-clear. :slight_smile: all that is necessary to create samples and do the training is inside the opencv, and it´s true, there are the source inside this folder_\OpenCV\apps\HaarTraining\src_

Also there are this tool to get directly the samples, any way will be so great implement this tool inside Of.

Hope that helps

ahh nice.

So i have been able to compile opencv on osx and creating haarcascade using the opencv executables. The step:

  1. create positive samples (you can do this many ways - multiple images or a single image)
  2. create negative sample (these images can not have the object you are tracking in them)
  3. … some vec/dat things
  4. build a training file.

I wrote a class using an old face tracking app to be just ofxHaarTracking so that you can just load and track haar files. After awhile of piecing many tutorial together I was able to build a haarcascade.xml file :slight_smile:

I think that OF will be a killer part in creating the samples for the training. I want to move onto that next. Ohh man this stuff is fun.

Here is what I have so far. Read about it here. I need to bundle this all up and post.


Really nice work!

I just took a look in O’Reilly’s book about OpenCV, and it got a chapter about face detection and Haar Classifier. Haven’t read it, but looks like it got some theory about how it works, and some samples.

Hey - thats crazy dope!
It would be great to have a haar uploader page where people can post their trained haar files.


Nice work!

sweet !!!

love the training pictures too:

take care

this is really great! :shock:
greetings ascorbin

Cool man. Keep up the good work!

Supper !! you get it! :wink:

Are you going to publish some code? im curios, and It could be so usefully for a lot of people…

Hey Todd, it would be great if you could share code from this project.

Also, Theo: on this page http://gias720.dis.ulpgc.es/Gias/modesto-eng.html there’s a link to a paper that has a great summary of about 20 public domain classifiers (frontal face, profile face, head and shoulders, left, right eye, eye pair, nose, mouth). There are also a few available for download here ftp://mozart.dis.ulpgc.es/pub/Software/HaarClassifiers/FaceFeaturesDetectors.zip

It’s unclear whether those are the ones mentioned in the report, or specially trained classifiers…