ofGstVideoUtils pipeline construction

I’m trying to build a pipeline to grab pixels from my dvb-t receiver. For some reason I can’t test my pipeline construction through gst-launch-1.0 in terminal as it doesn’t find my plugins. If anyone could help with this initial issue, information on this forum (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50263353/gstreamer-1-0-plugins-not-found).

I’ve currently got this pipe line set:
“dvbsrc modulation=qam-64 trans-mode=8k bandwidth=8 frequency=50600000
code-rate-lp=AUTO code-rate-hp=2/3 guard=4 hierarchy=0 ! tsdemux name=demux ! queue max-size-buffers=0 max-size-time=0 ! mpegvideoparse ! mpeg2dec decodebin”

Any help with getting this work would be greatly appreciated, it has been a long headache so far! I want to be spending my time on pixel manipulation!