ofGstVideoUtils not loaded - GStreamer - Ubuntu 22.04

Hello everyone

Since I update my Ubuntu to 22.04 all my openframeworks video projects stopped working.
I read here on the forum that such a problem may be related to the new version of GStreamer (1.20 - series), and openframeworks seems to work only with 1.18 (series) or lower.
The problem is that I don’t know if it’s possible to downgrade to a too old version without breaking other applications.

Anyone found another solution?

I’m using openframeworks in two computers with different ubuntu …

In plain ubuntu 22.04 - running videoPlayerExample I get this:

[notice ] ofGstUtils: Got context from element ‘vaapipostproc0’: gst.gl.GLDisplay=context, gst.gl.GLDisplay=(GstGLDisplay)"(GstGLDisplayX11)\ gldisplayx11-0";

[notice ] ofGstUtils: Got context from element ‘vaapipostproc0’: gst.vaapi.Display=context, gst.vaapi.Display=(GstVaapiDisplay)"(GstVaapiDisplayGLX)\ vaapidisplayglx0", gst.vaapi.Display.GObject=(GstObject)"(GstVaapiDisplayGLX)\ vaapidisplayglx0";

[warning] ofGstVideoUtils: update(): ofGstVideoUtils not loaded
[warning] ofGstUtils: getDurationNanos(): couldn’t query time duration
[warning] ofGstUtils: getDurationNanos(): couldn’t query time duration

And in another computer with Ubuntu Studio (22.04) - I get just a SEGMENTATION FAULT!


sorry for the duplicate post. I messed up when changing the category post

Solution for ubuntu here:

ofTheo Git

Thanks to ofTheo and others for the effort to resolve this issue!!!

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