ofGstUtils: Broken one definition rule

Hi, I managed to make the attached example work, it uses ofGstUtils to load a video. I also modified it and used it to stream video from a IP camera. I’m using Visual C++ and the OSSBuilds of gstreamer (needed to make the example work).

Now I want to use some adddons but I get the following error:

glew32s.lib(glew.obj) : error LNK2005: ___glewActiveTexture already defined in glew32.lib(glew32.dll)

I don’t know where it is redefined. I’m trying to use ofxGameCamera, ofxXmlSettings, ofTextureYUV, ofxBlackMagic and ofxProjectorBlend. I believe the dependencies predefined in the solution from the attachment are not compatible with openframeworks.

Any ideas?